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Jun 27, 2014 Today's Tip , , , 1 Comment

By: Linda Fulkerson

I had planned to write a post today about how to set up Google Authorship. But just when you think it’s safe to write a blog post (those of you old enough to remember will get that movie reference . . .), I get a notification that Google is “about” to make great changes in the Google Authorship feature. I’ll wait until they do what they’re going to do before I write about it. But, sudden, unexpected changes to platforms owned and controlled by others are just one more reason to control your own web property.

So . . . Today’s Tip will be on another topic – Testimonial Pages (This is something I haven’t yet implemented on this site but it’s on my “list.”)

Today’s Tip is one many authors overlook, but it’s very effective – include a testimonials/review page on your website. Many of you may already have that. If so, great! If not, simple add a new page and start collecting testimonials!

In today’s social media culture, reviews are huge. People review everything from hamburgers to motel rooms to auto mechanics. One of my clients is an international speaker, and one of the highest traffic pages of his website is the testimonials page. Potential clients are searching to see what past clients thought, and they will research your website to see what others have said about your books or services, if you have a writing-related service business as many writers do.

If possible, get a few video testimonials and post them onto your YouTube channel, too. Video is a great tool for marketing, and video testimonials are powerful, as viewers realize it’s easy to type text and put it on your site, but watching someone who is willing to go on camera and give a short review about your books, products or services gives a stronger impact.

So, that’s today’s tip – create a testimonial page and include some video testimonials or reviews as well as the text ones.

Have a blessed day and leave any questions/comments below.

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Today’s Tip: Be Flexible
I had planned to write on another topic, but plans changed quickly. Today’s Tip shares about a page you can add to your website to boost your credibility.


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