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May 14, 2014 Today's Tip , , , 2 Comments

Managing social media can be a daunting duty. Today’s Tip shares two FREE tools to make this task go quickly and easily.

By:Linda Fulkerson
The first tool to help manage social media is BufferApp. Create your content and then schedule it when you want it to post and where you’d like it to post. If you’re thinking this sounds similar to other tools, such as HootSuite, then you’re right. But one thing I’ve noticed that I like about BufferApp is that when you post to Facebook using some platforms, the public post states “Posted via name of platform.” BufferApp doesn’t do that, although page managers can see that the post was published via BufferApp.

Once you set up your free BufferApp account, you can download the browser tool. Whenever you see relevant content on a blog or elsewhere, simply click on the BufferApp icon in your browser’s toolbar and select which social media profile you’d like to post the content link to. (I’ve tested this using FireFox, Chrome and Safari – I don’t use Explorer, so I haven’t tested it on that.)

The FREE BufferApp account allows up to four social media platforms – perfect for posting to Facebook, Twittter, Google+ and LinkedIn. At this time, BufferApp doesn’t connect with Pinterest. You can add your own comments, hashtags, @mentions, etc., to customize the post for whichever social media profile you’re publishing the post to. You can also customize the schedule or let BufferApp automate it for you. You can choose to “post now” or “post next” or allow your post to go into the queue. It’s VERY easy.

BufferApp also offers analytics reports so you can monitor the success of your posts. There are paid plans, too. With the BufferApp’s “Awesome” plan, you can manage up to 10 profiles, schedule up to 100 posts in advance, and add another manager – all for just $10/month.

Another tool I use to partner with BufferApp is called Feedly. If you ever used the old Google Homepage, you may have had dozens of blog widgets scattered across the page (as I did) that displayed headlines from your favorite content producers. That’s how I used to keep up with which blogs I wanted to browse through every day. Feedly does that, only in a much more organized fashion.

Once you create your free Feedly account, you can search for the RSS feeds of your favorite content and add those feeds to your dashboard. It’s easy to categorize your feeds. For instance, I have content sorted for marketing, inspiration, blogging, social media, etc. After you’ve subscribed to the feeds you want (and you can always add or delete items), open the links you wish to share on your social media profiles, and then click on the BufferApp tool to schedule them.

BufferApp and Feedly are the PERFECT dynamic duo for managing your social media!

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