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By: Linda Fulkerson

I may have just heard a collective “sigh” among my readers. You’ve likely come to this site to learn tips on marketing your writing, and then you see this title and think, “Really? Blogging? I thought this site was going to share some REAL marketing tips!”

Before you click away, give this post a chance, because I’m not going to just say, “You need to blog” and hit the publish button. I’m about to share with you a list of reasons WHY you need to blog and what benefits those reasons have for you. Then, over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing a lot of “how to blog better” tips. After all, my main expertise in marketing grew from my years as a blog coach, and to be perfectly honest, I can think of no better way to increase brand awareness online (Read: Sell More Books) than blogging. That’s why I’m introducing the Benefits of Blogging – How to Blog More Effectively & Efficiently blog series as a companion to Today’s Tips.

The deal with blogging is that most of us simply peck out a handful of paragraphs and post it to our site and we’re done with it. What I hope to share with you during this series on blog marketing, or as it’s commonly called today – “content marketing,” are EFFECTIVE tactics to use when blogging – tactics that will drive hoards of traffic to your site. And during the upcoming “Today’s Tips” posts, I’ll be sharing how to implement these tactics.

Ready to learn more? Great! We’ll start this series by answering the “Do I really need to blog?” question.

Reasons Why Blogging Is a Great Marketing Tool

  • Business bloggers (that’s us!) generate 88% more monthly leads than companies that don’t blog.* That statistic alone should convince us all to blog, but there are lots more reasons in addition lead generation.
  • Blogging increases your website’s page count, and sites with 401-1000 pages get SIX TIMES more traffic than those with 51-100 pages. (Why is this? More pages translates to more site authority in search engines, plus the more pages you have, the more likely you are to have the content someone is searching for, which will bring them to your site.)
  • I’m often asked, “How often should I blog?” Our poll this week asks, “How often do you blog?” Blog frequency is a topic that can be addressed in a stand-alone post, but, if you need more customers, here’s a stat that should help answer that question: 92% of businesses that post multiple times per day to their blogs have acquired a customer from their blog. That’s almost 100% return on your investment!
  • 128 Million people read blogs.
  • Companies that blog generate over 90% more inbound links than those that don’t. Inbound links REALLY help your blog rank well in search engines, which in turn, leads to increased traffic to your blog.
  • Businesses that blog have 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t. We kind of mentioned that in the point about the increased traffic, but this stat refers to search bots crawling your site, searching for new content to index. The more often you post, the more often your site will get crawled, and the higher percentage of pages will get indexed.
  • Blogging builds relationships with your audience. This was one of the main topics I discussed on a post to my old blog coaching site, “On Blogging Well.” Here’s a link to an article I wrote – 9 Reasons Why Blogs are Great Marketing Tools.
  • Blogging attracts repeat customers.
  • Once you’ve published over 52 blog posts, your blog traffic increases by 77%.
  • After your site has 300 indexed pages, your blog traffic increases by 236%.
  • If you’ve already started thinking, “No way to I have time to blog once EVERY day, much less multiple times!” Think about this – a blog post doesn’t have to be a 1000-word article. Post a compelling image, say a few words about it, and viola! you’ve blogged! You will, of course, want to include longer, more informative posts, in-between those quickie posts, but the point is – blogging benefits your brand awareness, book awareness, name recognition more than any one marketing activity you can do. Plus, it’s cheap, and it’s easy.

Blogging takes a lot of work – but it offers a host of benefits! Don’t let all that work go to waste. Read on:

But – in order to take advantage of the increased visitors to your site, the MOST important thing you can do (otherwise all your work on blogging will be in vain) is to develop a way to capture those leads that visit your site so you can communicate with them further via email.

Once people land on your site, you’ll need to have some sort of lead capture system set up so you can market to them and convert them to customers. We’ll be discussing all that in the email training, so if you haven’t signed up to receive your FREE copy of “102 ways to market your stuff,” then go ahead and use the signup form in the sidebar so you’ll learn how to (1) develop and effective online presence and (2) how to set up your lead capture system and sales funnel.

*Statistics quoted come from HubSpot.


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