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Podcast Episode 0005 – How Does One Become Famous?


Jul 3, 2014 ShowNotes , 1 Comment

Podcast: Play in new window | Download How does one become famous? By: Linda Fulkerson I once asked my former agent, “How does one become famous?” His answer was simple: Blog. Even though that was over a decade ago, blogging is still one of the most effective, and definitely the most cost-effective, ways to market your books, your services, and yourself. Today’s podcast shares my step-by-step “checklist” of how to write a blog post [...]

Podcast Episode 0003


Jun 19, 2014 Podcasting, ShowNotes , 2 Comments

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Do You Think Like a Marketer or Market Like a Thinker? By:Linda Fulkerson Today’s podcast explains the difference between marketing like a thinker and thinking like a marketer. Quick Notes: I owe you a couple of apologies. First of all, I changed the announced topic of this episode. Next week we’ll begin our series on developing a web presence, but I felt it was important to use [...]