Podcast: The ABCs of Creating Compelling Content


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The ABCs of Creating Compelling Content

By: Linda Fulkerson

Last week, we gave an overview of creating compelling content. We answered the question, “What makes content compelling?” and shared elements of compelling content. This episode continues that topic by sharing the ABCs of Compelling Content.

In this episode:

  • 0:20 Recap of last week’s episode
  • 0:40 Intro to this week’s episode – The ABCs of Creating Compelling Content
  • 1:23 Why this principle is good for all content types
  • 1:46 What the ABCs stand for
  • 1:55 Getting your reader’s attention
  • 2:49 Why brevity is important
  • 3:06 Tip for blog posts
  • 4:31 Calls to Action
  • 5:15 Tips for writing compelling headlines
  • 9:33 FREEBIE announcement
  • 11:30 Anatomy of a piece of content
  • 11:53 How to write a compelling lead
  • 20:33 Keeping the reader’s interest throughout the piece
  • 24:40 Writing an effective close

Resources mentioned in this episode:

In the next episode . . .

We’ll continue the series “Making the Most of Social Media.”

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The ABCs of Creating Compelling Content
Article Name
The ABCs of Creating Compelling Content
This podcast episode shares the ABCs of creating compelling content and goes through the anatomy of a piece of content with tips for writing each part.

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