Podcast: How Does One Become Famous?


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How does one become famous?

By: Linda Fulkerson

I once asked my former agent, “How does one become famous?” His answer was simple: Blog. Even though that was over a decade ago, blogging is still one of the most effective, and definitely the most cost-effective, ways to market your books, your services, and yourself.

Today’s podcast shares my step-by-step “checklist” of how to write a blog post with marketing in mind, and if you include these tactics in your blogging routine, you will help your blog readership grow. These are proven tactics used not only by me, but by top professional bloggers and online marketers.

In this episode:

  • 00:27 – How does one become famous?
  • 3:20 – How to write a blog post with marketing in mind
  • 3:44 – What to blog about
  • 4:19 – Questions to ask before creating content
  • 4:57 – Selecting relevant keywords
  • 7:17 – Summer allergy attack (sorry!)
  • 7:41 – Permalinks
  • 8:42 – Creating compelling headlines
  • 10:20 – Including the “Fear Factor”
  • 11:58 – Writing your post
  • 12:25 – Tips to grow your blog readership
  • 12:39 – Selecting and formatting images
  • 17:03 – Tips for writing for web readers
  • 19:12 – Linking strategies
  • 20:21 – Configuring your rich snippets
  • 20:35 – Google Authorship
  • 21:28 – Using appropriate tags
  • 21:45 – WordPress SEO plugin
  • 23:48 – What to do after your post is published
  • 24:57 – Relevant backlinks made easy
  • 28:35 – Devo: Living and Leaving a Legacy

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Topic of next episode:

  • How to write blog posts quickly – We all know we need to blog, but we’re also all very busy with a bazillion other things we need to do. This podcast will share some ideas on how to create blog posts quickly.

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Podcast: How Does One Become Famous?
Article Name
Podcast: How Does One Become Famous?
How does one become famous? This podcast shares one of the best ways: Blogging. And it provides a checklist of how to blog with marketing in mind.


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