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By: Linda Fulkerson

Back in 2002, I wrote a book titled The Prodigal Daughter – a memoir about my life as a minister’s-daughter-turned-prodigal and my eventual return back to God and my family. An agent represented me and pitched the manuscript to various Christian publishing houses for nearly a year. Finally, he contacted me and said, “The response I’m getting is good concept, good writing – who is she? Memoirs are a tough sell unless you’re a celebrity. My advice to you is get famous, then try submitting again.” So, I asked him a simple question, “How does one become famous?” His reply,” Speaking and blogging.”

I had some experience with speaking, but in the early 2000s, blogging was in its infancy for the non-Internet-marketing-guru crowd. Few of my writer friends had blogs, although most had heard of blogging. So, I started researching how to blog effectively, and, of course, began blogging.

As my blogging audience grew, my writerly friends began emailing and calling me, asking me questions about various blogging-related topics. After spending so much time answering questions about blogging, I decided to launch a blog on blogging, and On Blogging Well was born. I no longer update that site, but all the content is still there and available for any who wish to learn more about blogging.

I learned about creating websites because we owned (at that time) a family business and needed a website. The first site I created was made using Microsoft FrontPage, and it was HIDEOUS! That was in 1999. I’ve learned a LOT more about websites since then, lol.

For my “I’m-gonnna-get-famous” blog, I started on Blogger (didn’t we all?), but soon realized all the professional bloggers were using WordPress, so I slogged through the learning curve and have never looked back. Today, there are far more resources for learning WordPress, and I recommend using a self-hosted WordPress blog for your professional site rather than using a free service. It’s very inexpensive, and very worth it.

Credentials – the boring toot-your-own-horn stuff that you may or may not care about:

I’ve been building websites and coaching/consulting with authors and small business owners about building their businesses (especially online) and marketing for nearly 15 years. I’ve done social media management, consulting and built websites for national speakers, city governments, and a host of small businesses. Until I returned to my home state of Arkansas, I served for two years as the director of digital services at the largest media group in Central Texas.

In 2013, I launched my own digital services company, DLF Digital Services LLC, and have been pretty busy every since!

I recently felt one of those God-nudges. You know the kind. It was a nagging, “Why are you focusing all your experience and talent teaching small business owners how to market when you could be using that energy to help spread the Gospel by training Christian writers how to market?” thought that persisted.

And that’s where I am today – working to train Christian writers how to promote our words in order to spread His.


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