Today's Tip: Learn WordPress Using Sidekick


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The Sidekick plugin is like having your own personal WordPress tutor right in your dashboard. This plugin uses voice-guided walkthroughs, meaning it not only shows you when and where to perform tasks, it talks you through the task. Plus, the Sidekick plugin allows you to complete the task you want to learn while you’re learning it.

Thanks to Kim Doyal, a.k.a. The WordPress Chick, for introducing this plugin in a recent podcast interview with Ben Fox, one of the brains behind the Sidekick plugin.

You can download the free version of this plugin from the WordPress plugin repository here: Sidekick Plugin for WordPress. You get access to 30 in-your-dashboard, voice-guided walk-through tutorials with the free version, and if you want to learn more, for just $10/month (no contract required), you can upgrade to Sidekick Premium and access about 170+ (at the time this post was published) WordPress voice-guided walkthroughs.

I made a short overview video to give you an idea of exactly how the Sidekick plugin can help YOU learn WordPress!

Here’s a link to the promo video – Sidekick Plugin for WordPress.

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Learn WordPress Using the Sidekick Plugin
Video overview of Sidekick plugin for WordPress. Sidekick is like having your own personal tutor. Quickly & easily learn basic WordPress functions for free.

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