Poll: How much time do you spend on marketing


Aug 5, 2014 Weekly Poll 3 Comments

How much time do writers spend on marketing?

By: Linda Fulkerson

A few months ago, I heard a speaker present about marketing to a group of writers. She mentioned a staggering statistic. I don’t recall her source, but she said that in a typical month, successful professional artists spend 21 days promoting and 7 days creating.


I don’t personally know any writers who spend three-fourths of their time marketing, do you? So, I started wondering, how much time do writers spend on marketing? That is the question for this week’s poll.

Before we get into the actual poll, though, I want to share the two things that are vital to marketing our words – value and awareness. I’ve said (maybe on the podcast?) that much of our problem with selling is overcoming our “obscurity issue.” If no one knows about our writing, we can’t sell books. However, if we don’t provide quality – value – to our readers, it doesn’t matter how many people know about us, we can’t sell books.

In other words, our success as writers requires two basic principles: Provide as much value as possible to our readers, AND increase the awareness about our writing. The good thing is, both of those principles are things we can control.

Every writer I know works hard to improve his or her writing skills. We attend workshops and conferences and participate in critique groups and write and write and write in order to improve our craft. That increases our ability to provide great value to our readers. But remember, great writing that provides great value is only one half of the success equation.

Marketing is where we increase our awareness.

So, this week’s poll asks, “How much time do you spend on marketing?”


How much time do you spend on marketing?

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Poll: How much time do you spend on marketing?
This post shares two key components for success in writing and asks a poll question: How much time do writers spend on marketing?


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  • Mary Hosmar
    Aug 5, 2014 at 7:47 am Reply

    A good idea for a poll. What I would also like to know is how successful an author feels in comparison to how much time they spend marketing.

    1. Marketing for Christian Writers
      Aug 6, 2014 at 10:44 am Reply

      From talking with and observing some well-known authors within the Christian publishing industry, I think they do more marketing after they become successful. That may not be true for all, but it seems to be the norm. Their marketing may be “easier” because by that point in their careers, they have more resources, such as assistants and a bigger budget for marketing.

      For those getting started, though, most I’ve talked with feel frustrated, wondering when is it ever going to “happen.” I heard an interview with Queen Latifah once, and the reporter asked her how it felt to be an overnight success. She responded, “Well, it only took me 15 years to become an overnight success.” This is what marketers call “The PITS – Putting In Time.” And it takes time, consistency and persistency.

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