Poll: Do You Write Full Time?


Aug 12, 2014 Weekly Poll 0 Comments

This week’s poll asks, “Do you write full time?”

By: Linda Fulkerson

Dan Poynter, known for his book, The Self-Publishing Bible, once said novelists should write nonfiction to support their fiction-writing habit. Writing fiction involves a long-term commitment before receiving any income, so, to some extent, his statement is true.

Many of us do make a living from writing full time or else we supplement our writing income by providing services or products. Others have a spouse or retirement income, which enables them to develop their writing craft until they begin earning money from their words. Still others work full or part time in addition to their writing. And, of course, there are those who write purely for the enjoyment of writing (is that an oxymoron?) without worry whether or not they ever get paid.

Today’s poll asks, “Do you write full time?” I fall into the – I work for myself full time, both writing and providing services – category. My goal is to move more toward writing more, although I enjoy client work, website building, consulting and marketing.


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Poll: Do You Write Full Time?
Some writers make a full-time living through their writing, but most supplement their income in various ways. Today’s poll asks "Do You Write Full Time?"

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