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Weekly Poll: Do You Write Full Time?


Aug 12, 2014 Weekly Poll 0 Comments

This week’s poll asks, “Do you write full time?” By: Linda Fulkerson Dan Poynter, known for his book, The Self-Publishing Bible, once said novelists should write nonfiction to support their fiction-writing habit. Writing fiction involves a long-term commitment before receiving any income, so, to some extent, his statement is true. Many of us do make a living from writing full time or else we supplement our writing income by providing services or products. Others have [...]

Weekly Poll: How much time do writers spend on marketing?


Aug 5, 2014 Weekly Poll 3 Comments

How much time do writers spend on marketing? By: Linda Fulkerson A few months ago, I heard a speaker present about marketing to a group of writers. She mentioned a staggering statistic. I don’t recall her source, but she said that in a typical month, successful professional artists spend 21 days promoting and 7 days creating. Wow! I don’t personally know any writers who spend three-fourths of their time marketing, do you? So, I started [...]

Weekly Poll: Do You Use Email Marketing?


Jul 22, 2014 Weekly Poll , 0 Comments

By: Linda Fulkerson When I worked as the director of digital services at a large media group in Texas, one of the sales trainers gave a statistic about following up with potential customers. He said the average customer has had seven contacts with a business before they buy. Seven. So, one-and-done marketing won’t generate the best results. We need to follow up with our potential customers, who, in marketing terms, are called “leads.” Email marketing [...]

Weekly Poll: Which Analytics System Do You Use?


Jul 8, 2014 Weekly Poll , , , 1 Comment

By: Linda Fulkerson Website analytics help you measure what is working, what hasn’t worked so well, and what has the potential to work better in your marketing. By monitoring your site’s search strings, you can learn not only how many people have visited your site, but also what brought them there (social media, direct visit, or organic search), how long they stayed, what content they viewed and more. You can use that information to create [...]

Poll: What is your biggest marketing challenge?


Jul 1, 2014 Weekly Poll 3 Comments

By: Linda Fulkerson As I talk with authors and small business owners, I find different people have different challenges when it comes to marketing, but most fall within a few broad categories. Which of the following statements describes YOUR biggest marketing challenge? Please vote and share this poll with your friends via social media, and if you have a specific marketing challenge or question, please use the comments to share it. This information will help [...]

Weekly Poll: What Website Platform Do You Use?


Jun 24, 2014 Weekly Poll , , 2 Comments

By: Linda Fulkerson I talked about website platforms during my last podcast, and I got curious about who was using what platform or content management system (CMS) among Christian authors/writers, so that is the topic of this week’s poll – What Website Platform or CMS Do You Use? According to recent statistics, WordPress is by far the most popular platform for World Wide Websites, with over half being powered by WP, followed by “Other,” which [...]

Weekly Poll: What is Your Most Effective Type of Social Media?


Jun 10, 2014 Weekly Poll 2 Comments

By: Linda Fulkerson People love social media! A few years ago, I wrote a post about the various types of social media sites. It is by far the most popular blog post I’ve ever written for any blog – and even though it’s a few years old, I still get a lot of traffic to that post. My list had 23 types (not individual platforms), but I’m sure that other kinds have popped up since [...]

How Often Do You Blog?


Jun 2, 2014 Weekly Poll , 1 Comment

By: Linda Fulkerson We all know we should blog – that it brings us more traffic and allows us to build reader relationships, which, in turn, will help us sell more books, products and services. But often the big question is, “How often should I blog?” This week’s poll asks not how often we should blog, but how often do we blog? And if you’re wondering how this all fits into the big scheme of [...]