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Today’s Tip: Record a Chapter


May 13, 2014 Today's Tip , , , 0 Comments

By:Linda Fulkerson Have you ever been to an author’s book reading? Or have you ever experienced hearing an author read from his or her own book or writing? Perhaps you’ve done this yourself- read aloud to others the words you strung together. The spoken word is a wonderful way to experience written words. Today’s tip shares a way YOU can create a simple recording of your work and post it online for absolutely NO cost! [...]

Today’s Tip: John Kremer’s Rule of Five


May 12, 2014 Today's Tip , , 0 Comments

By:Linda Fulkerson One of the best marketing tips I’ve ever read came from John Kremer’s book, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books. He said, “All it takes is five promotions a day.” I’ve learned throughout the years that these five promotions don’t have to be complicated – in fact, sometimes simpler is better. The key to this concept is consistency. Five a day – EVERY day. A blog post, a Facebook post, handing out a [...]