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Today’s Tip: Using Titles and Descriptions to Market Your Posts


Jun 3, 2014 Today's Tip , , , , 1 Comment

By: Linda Fulkerson When you’re using a search engine, such as Google, have you ever noticed that some of the search results have an ellipses at the end of the title, the description, or both, but some don’t? That’s because search engine results only display a certain amount of characters in the title (called the “title tag”) and descriptions (called the “meta description”) and default to show (for Google) the first 60 characters of the [...]

Today’s Tip: Blog


Jun 2, 2014 Today's Tip , , , , , 1 Comment

By: Linda Fulkerson I may have just heard a collective “sigh” among my readers. You’ve likely come to this site to learn tips on marketing your writing, and then you see this title and think, “Really? Blogging? I thought this site was going to share some REAL marketing tips!” Before you click away, give this post a chance, because I’m not going to just say, “You need to blog” and hit the publish button. I’m [...]

Today’s Tip: Post Branded Image Quotes on Social Media


May 23, 2014 Today's Tip , , , , , , 2 Comments

By: Linda Fulkerson My Facebook Insights show that no matter which client page I post content on, compelling image quotes get the most engagement. Period. It doesn’t matter what cool tip or exciting blog post you share – people LOVE image quotes. I’ve almost always made my own because it’s pretty quick and easy, but I just recently started placing a web address on the images I create. (Duh – I should have been doing [...]

Today’s Tip: Organize a Blog Tour


May 22, 2014 Today's Tip , , 0 Comments

By: Linda Fulkerson One of the best and fastest ways to get the word out about an upcoming product or book release is to organize a blog tour among your friends and fellow writers. This usually isn’t too hard, because most writers are fairly well connected with other writers through critique groups, social networking, online groups, and face-to-face meetings at conferences and events. What is a blog tour? A blog tour is a virtual book/product [...]

Today’s Tip: Plan Your Content in Advance


May 21, 2014 Today's Tip , , , 1 Comment

By: Linda Fulkerson Back in the day, homemakers often struggled with the “What, oh what, shall I make for dinner?” syndrome. Well, we still may have that struggle. But as writers, we’ve compounded our what’s-for-dinner issues by adding the nagging question, “What, oh what, shall I blog about today?” Because we can’t start cooking until we’ve clicked the “publish” button on our blog. Right? Advanced content planning will give you and edge over most bloggers, [...]

Network at a Writers’ Conference


May 19, 2014 Today's Tip , , , 0 Comments

By:Linda Fulkerson There are a lot of great conferences for writers each year, for both Christian and secular organizations. One of the best annual conferences for Christian fiction writers is the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Conference. I’ve attended it many times, even though my writing focus isn’t fiction. While it’s a worthy investment, not everyone can afford to attend a national conference. That’s what makes local and regional conferences so great. Last Saturday, I [...]

Book Marketing with Hashtags


May 16, 2014 Today's Tip , , , , 0 Comments

By:Linda Fulkerson #Hashtags are showing up everywhere! Some people are annoyed by them, but savvy marketers are using them. Big brands have begun using hashtags in commercials and other advertising. Creating and using a hashtag for your books and blog is a great idea. It’s quick. It’s easy. And it’s free. What exactly are hashtags? You’ve probably seen those little # signs included in posts, and if you’re using Twitter, then you are probably quite [...]

Today’s Tip: Create a Lead Capture System


May 15, 2014 Today's Tip , , 0 Comments

By:Linda Fulkerson Driving traffic to a blog or website without a system to convert those visitors into customers is like planting and cultivating a garden without harvesting. I’ve known many writers and authors throughout the years who spend hours each week blogging and driving traffic to their websites and blogs. The problem is, they have no plan or system set up to convert those web visitors into customers. I know as Christians, the ultimate purpose [...]