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Learn WordPress Using the Sidekick Plugin


Aug 15, 2014 Today's Tip , , , 0 Comments

The Sidekick plugin is like having your own personal WordPress tutor right in your dashboard. This plugin uses voice-guided walkthroughs, meaning it not only shows you when and where to perform tasks, it talks you through the task. Plus, the Sidekick plugin allows you to complete the task you want to learn while you’re learning it. Thanks to Kim Doyal, a.k.a. The WordPress Chick, for introducing this plugin in a recent podcast interview with Ben [...]

Today’s Tip: Building Your Author Platform


Aug 13, 2014 Today's Tip 0 Comments

What is an Author Platform and How Can I Build One? By: Linda Fulkerson Author platforms have become a popular topic in the blogosphere, especially since more and more publishers are expecting more and more marketing from authors themselves and more and more authors are turning to the indie method of publishing their books. What is an author platform? In other words – how many people can you personally influence when it comes time to [...]

How Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Affects Authors


Aug 11, 2014 Today's Tip 0 Comments

Today’s Tip: Understand How Kindle Unlimited Affects Authors By: Linda Fulkerson When Amazon launched Kindle Unlimited, many authors, including myself, wondered, “How will Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Affect Authors?” Before we get into Kindle Unlimited from an author’s standpoint, I want to share with you what it is, in case you haven’t heard about it yet. How does Kindle Unlimited Work? Basically, Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that allows readers to download eBooks – similar [...]

Today’s Tip: Use Book Reviews for Market Research


Aug 4, 2014 Today's Tip 3 Comments

How to use book reviews for market research By: Linda Fulkerson All authors and writers know the importance of reviews. Especially in today’s market, reviews offer “social proof” – validation that a book is worth a reader’s time. Statistics have shown that the more reviews a book has, the more likely others will buy it, because whether readers love it or hate it, a large number of reviews demonstrates that the book is popular. And [...]

Today’s Tip: Benefits of List-Building and Email Marketing


Jul 25, 2014 Today's Tip 1 Comment

What are the benefits of list-building and email marketing? By: Linda Fulkerson Professional bloggers and Internet marketers teach list-building as a first principle of successful marketing. If you ask a professional online marketer what his or her number one priority is, they will say list-building. Why? An Email List is your BEST sales tool! I’m not talking about branding, marketing or promotion – I’m talking about actual book and product sales. And let’s face it, [...]

Today’s Tip: Items to Include in Your Author Website


Jul 23, 2014 Today's Tip 0 Comments

By: Linda Fulkerson A professional website is the hub of an online presence for writers and authors. Most writers/authors have a website, but I’ve talked with many who aren’t sure what exactly should be included in that site. This post shares a list of items to include in your author/writer website to give the best possible impression about yourself and your writing. Your author website has several purposes: (1) It should create a good first [...]

Today’s Tip: Create a Free Slideshow Video Using YouTube


Jul 7, 2014 Today's Tip , , 3 Comments

By: Linda Fulkerson There are a lot of great reasons to use video on your blog and social media profiles. Video keeps the viewer on your site longer. There is less competition for ranking in search engines for video, so it increases your “findability.” Video can be used to inform, educate and entertain your viewers. Videos can be in a variety of types – animated white board videos, cartoon videos, standard videos, slideshow videos and [...]

Today’s Tip: Be Flexible!


Jun 27, 2014 Today's Tip , , , 1 Comment

By: Linda Fulkerson I had planned to write a post today about how to set up Google Authorship. But just when you think it’s safe to write a blog post (those of you old enough to remember will get that movie reference . . .), I get a notification that Google is “about” to make great changes in the Google Authorship feature. I’ll wait until they do what they’re going to do before I write [...]

Today’s Tip: Implement Schema Markup


Jun 23, 2014 Today's Tip , , , , , , , 2 Comments

How to Use Schema Markup By: Linda Fulkerson Have you ever received a phone call and the first phrase out of the caller’s mouth is, “Don’t hang up!” Well, that’s me, screaming through the monitor – Don’t Click Away! I know the title sounds geeky and hard, but give this post a chance. I promise, it’s not hard. It doesn’t take long. And it can REALLY help you promote your books, your ministry organizations, yourself [...]

How To Customize Your YouTube Channel


Jun 13, 2014 Today's Tip , , , 1 Comment

By: Linda Fulkerson YouTube offers a lot of customization options for channels, such as a featured welcome video, playlist displays, and embedding live links to your website and social media platforms right into your channel cover art. And when you upload a new video to YouTube, it’s important to take advantage of the optimization features, such as including a keyword-rich description and title as well as properly tagging your video. Today’s Tip is actually two [...]