Today's Tip: Book Marketing with Hashtags


May 16, 2014 Today's Tip , , , , 0 Comments

By:Linda Fulkerson

#Hashtags are showing up everywhere! Some people are annoyed by them, but savvy marketers are using them. Big brands have begun using hashtags in commercials and other advertising. Creating and using a hashtag for your books and blog is a great idea.

It’s quick.

It’s easy.

And it’s free.

What exactly are hashtags?

You’ve probably seen those little # signs included in posts, and if you’re using Twitter, then you are probably quite familiar with hashtags. These symbols tag content by adding a link. Phrases with hashtags can be searched by the hashtagged word or phrase. For instance, if I’m using Twitter and I place the phrase #MforCW somewhere in the post, then Twitter users can search for all tweets with that hashtag simply by clicking on that phrase.

How do I use hashtags in marketing?

All you have to do is come up with a short phrase (or use the title) that best describes your book or blog and put a pound sign (also called “hashtag”) in front of it when posting on social media platforms that use a hashtag search system – such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. It’s another way of branding, because the more you use a specific hashtag, the more recognizable it will become. Find a unique tag, if possible. For instance, M4CW was being used by someone else, so I chose #MforCW to represent Marketing for Christian Writers.

Using hashtags in book-marketing

Use a unique hashtag for each book, and when you’re blogging or posting info about the book on social media, simply add your book’s hashtag in the post. Also, use hashtags in book trailers and print advertising. You can use more than one hashtag, but on Twitter, the entire post can be no longer than 140 characters. You can’t use spaces in hashtags, so most people put all the words together. That’s less confusing than using underscores.

Example of using hashtags in book-marketing:

Here’s a great example about a successful author many of us in the Christian writing industry know who used a hashtag in a recent book trailer:

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